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  • Unzip and run ACMServer.exe. Default browser will start automatically and it will load the start page of the ACM Server.
  • If it have not occured or you see some error it may mean you may not use standard http-port (80). Put into the ACMServer.cfg file a single line: "Port = <your_port>;" (Be sure the server is not running.) Then run the server again.
  • Now you see the start page of ACM Server. You can log in. Default login and password is admin/admin.
  • Configure you internet connection at the proxy page. Choose state "disabled" if you are not using a proxy or choose state "enabled" and type proxy host and port and your login and password. Click "Submit" to save settings.
  • To add plugin go to the plugins page and click at the green plus. Unzip a plugin and select it from the browser. Click add. The plugin is not working until you click Enable button to enable it to run. To test your submissions you will need to get an account at an appropriate online judge system. For example, for the Timus plugin it is Enter your registration data at Edit plugin page.
Added by: Victor Vinogradov (Fly)

It is a plugin allowed you to judge your problems on your computer. It was never released but you can build it from the sources. This plugin doesn't have any protection. So the use of this plugin may harm you computer. Use it on your own risk.
Added by: Victor Vinogradov (Fly)

You can just replace old *.exe and *.dll files with new ones. Database will be converted automatically if it is needed. (Don't forget to back up it before you run the new version.) Update ACM Server and plugins together because old plugins possibly are unable to work with new server and old server possibly is unable to work with new plugins.
Added by: Victor Vinogradov (Fly)

The ITMO rating checkbox appends to the contest monitor a new column with ITMO rating.

The ITMO rating is calculating with formula:


  • Solved_by_team - the number of problem solved by the team,
  • Solved_by_winner - the number of problems, solved by the winner,
  • N_teams - the number of teams in the contest,
  • Team_place - the final rank of the team.
Added by: Victor Vinogradov (Fly)

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